Wednesday, 19 October 2011


JUST a reminder for all those taking part that each team's nominated OMYA Cup Scratch Individual competition representative needs to be in at or before the next meeting on Wednesday November 2nd at Jaxx Q Club, Belper (7.45pm).
This can either be a straight nomination or the winner of the in-house competition between each team that was drawn out prior to the season.

Alternatively if not completed, I'd suggest putting through the furthest progressed competitor or if no one is interested we can leave your particular team's players out of the draw if you wish.

But we can't extend the deadline for completion of in-house matches as the first round proper needs to be played on schedule.

With limited time to try and resurrect a few of the comps this season, we put together this event at short notice but next year I'd probably advocate a tick box so only players genuinely interested in playing will be entered.

Or alternatively we could add it to the competition entry sheet retaining the free entry option and then either play it in-house again firstly or as an open draw throughout.

Though the problem with having too many events on the competition sheet itself is that it tends to water down the entries in each one.

There's already been more matches played in the OMYA Cup this season than last year's event as a whole so that is one plus point already as we are all mostly here to play and enjoy a game of snooker!

Don't forget that the other competition entries also need to be in at the same meeting with the appropriate fees. Dates will be put on each match for the first time (as per the semis and finals in previous years) as voted in by the committee at the AGM so everyone will need to be on the ball and re-arrange any matches that are not scheduled on suitable days! Thanks.

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