Thursday, 19 December 2013


IAN PEACOCK, Alan Hopkinson Trophy winner, in action at Jaxx Q Club
AN EXCELLENT turnout of 17 players contested Shootout Night number three with especially large contingents from Matlock Conservative Club and Bolehill Institute to contest three rapid fire events played in their entirety on one night.
And it was fitting that the main event the Alan Hopkinson Memorial Trophy should go to a Bolehill player as, after a tight battle throughout the final, Ian Peacock edged out Richard Deakin by clipping the pink into the middle pocket to secure the silverware.

Ian had previously defeated Charlie Hodgkinson, Chris Drabble and Simon Zoppi on a night where new names appeared on the winners roster of all three competitions.
George Mills Trophy winners MARTIN FORSTER and HANNAH JONES
The scotch doubles event for the George Mills Trophy went to Martin Forster (who is actually Ian's brother) and resident Jaxx Q Club lady cueist Hannah Jones after an even closer deciding contest which went to the final black against Bolehill pair Simon Zoppi and Mick Bunting.

With the pairing showing great teamwork throughout, it fell to Hannah to seal the deal as she calmly executed a long range cut into a baulk pocket to bring home the bacon.

They had previously emerged successful from matches with Ricki Slack and Chris Drabble, Jimmy Gratton and Keith Robertson and Steve Bullock and Nick Kay en route.

NICK KAY led his rivals a merry dance to lift the Eddie Lomas Trophy.
That left the Eddie Lomas Speed Snooker Challenge Trophy to be decided, which involves clearing the colours head to head on adjacent tables, and the fastest man on the block proved to be Matlock Conservative Club's Nick Kay, who pipped Mick Bunting in the final by a couple of balls, having previously seen off team mates Chris Drabble and Jack Lynch along with Ricki Slack.

Thanks to all who attended for another highly enjoyable evening and hope to see those of you who couldn't make it next time around.

In the meantime A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone connected with the Darley Dale and District Snooker and Billiards Leagues.

Christmas Six-Red Individual Handicap for the Alan Hopkinson Memorial Trophy: winner, Ian Peacock (Bolehill Inst No 2); runner-up, Richard Deakin (Matlock Cons).

Christmas Six-Red Scotch Doubles Handicap for the George Mills Trophy: winners, Martin Forster (Bolehill Inst No 2) and Hannah Jones (Jaxx Q Club); runners-up, Simon Zoppi (Bolehill Inst No 1) and Mick Bunting (Bolehill Inst No 2).

Christmas Speed Snooker Shootout Handicap for the Eddie Lomas Trophy: winner, Nick Kay (Matlock Cons); runner-up, Mick Bunting (Bolehill Inst No 2).

Extracurricular awards:

Best victory jig during match: Nick Kay (v team mate Chris Drabble, luckily for him he did pot the black afterwards!)

Best sledging during match: Nick Kay (v team mate Jack Lynch)

Worst rest handover: Ricki Slack to Charlie Hodgkinson during speed shootout, safe to say we won't be appearing in the 400m relay anytime soon, (OK sorry I will try and remember to watch the table nearest to me next time!)

"On deaf ears" complaint: Ricki "I wasn't ready" Slack v Nick Kay when the claxon sounded (OK it was Mick shouting "go", what happened to "ready steady"?) I think Charlie had secretly had a word with him beforehand.

Dedication award: Chris Parker who flew in from Denmark the same afternoon especially for the event (possibly!) tie-ing with Jimmy who found his way down from the bar, both sterling efforts.

Quality food awards: Jaxx Q Club for the mouth watering grub on the night, thanks fellas!