Thursday, 13 March 2014


THE draws for the semi finals of the competitions were made recently by Gordon Critchlow at Hartington Royal British Legion.
As agreed by the committee, dates will be put on the matches again this season, though you can play them in advance of the set date by mutual agreement.

You must re-arrange with your opponent if a date is not suitable (please give at least 48hrs notice and preferably more) and re-schedule it within 7 days, failing agreement you can apply to the match secretary for a further 7 days to play it.

If someone doesn't contact the opposition and then fails to show, they are expunged obviously.

In the case of finals on neutral venues, please contact the match secretary if there are any problems with dates proposed.

Matches to be played off the latest handicaps on the scheduled date of the ties (if any are delayed and handicaps change subsequently, the original match handicap will stand).

Note a few of these dates may fall slightly differently to the original schedule and we have tried to share the finals round so all clubs get at least one match.
Where opposing players from the same club reach the final, we will offer them the opportunity to play it on their own club table as per normal (should all agree).

As previously indicated, we are playing all semi finals as drawn this season with neutral venues only for finals to ease the burden on repeated use of venues/referees.
OMYA CUP (INDIVIDUAL SCRATCH) Semi Finals - venues as drawn
Best of 5 Frames - 7.30pm - all off Scratch
Tue April 08: P Ogden (Belper Strutt No 2) v C Parker (Matlock Cons)
Tue April 08: R Slack (Bolehill Inst No 1) v M Taylor (Edgefold Matlock)

venues as drawn
Best of 3 Frames - 7.30pm - Normal League Handicaps to apply

Mon April 07: K Holmes (Belper Strutt No 1) v K Manlove (Matlock Club)
(to be played at Jaxx Q Club, Belper on request of the home player)

Wed April 09: S Bullock (Belper Strutt No 1) v P Ogden (Belper Strutt No 2)

OPEN INDIVIDUAL HANDICAP Semi Finals - venues as drawn
Best of 5 Frames - 7.30pm - Normal League Handicaps to apply
Mon Apr 14: R Slack (Bolehill Inst No 1) v K Manlove (Matlock Club)
Tue Apr 22: P Ogden (Belper Strutt No 2) v K Holmes (Belper Strutt No 1)

venues as drawn
Best of 5 Frames - 7.30pm - Normal League Handicaps to apply
Tue Apr 22: R Slack/C Marchington (Bhill 1) v S Bullock/M Newby (Strutt 1)

Fri Apr 25: C Parker/N Kay (Matlock Cons) v C Stubbs/A Winson (Strutt 2)

Round Robin format for first round losers in the Captains Cup
5 Frames Played to a finish - 7.30pm - Total Aggregate Points to decide
(Winner of this match will lift the trophy as each have 1 win apiece*)
(*Belper Strutt No 2 win in event of a tie by virtue of superior overall aggregate)
Wed Apr 23: Belper Strutt No 2 v Edgefold Matlock

5 Frames Played to a finish - 7.30pm - Total Aggregate Points to decide
Thu May 01: Belper Strutt No 1 v Bolehill Institute No 2 (at Matlock Cons Club)

Best of 5 Frames - 7.30pm - Usual League Basis Format
(highest ranked team plays at home on their usual  night, week comm. 28/4/14)
Mon Apr 28: Bolehill Institute No 1 v Matlock Cons
Mon Apr 28: Edgefold Matlock v Belper Strutt No 1

Best of 7 Frames - 7.00pm - all off Scratch
Tue Apr 29: C Parker (Matlock Cons) v M Taylor (at Belper Strutt Club)

INTER LEAGUE CHALLENGE CUP* - 4 Man Teams (*to be confirmed)
All players play 3 single frames each versus a different opponent (2 tables)

12 Frames with a tie-breaker frame if level (players either drawn / nominated)
(Team will be selected on a points based system from wins & handicap ratings)
Date is likely to be Wed May 14 - dependent on visitors raising a team

Darley Dale & District League v Hope Valley & Buxton League (at Edgefold Club)

Best of 7 Frames - 7.00pm - Normal League Handicaps to apply
Tue May 06: R Slack (Bolehill No 1) v P Ogden (Strutt No 2) (at Edgefold Matlock)

Best of 5 Frames - 7.30pm - Usual League Basis Format
Wed May 07: Edgefold Matlock v Matlock Cons (at Matlock Club)

Best of 5 Frames - 7.30pm - Normal League Handicaps to apply

Thu Apr 24: K Manlove (Mat Club) v S Bullock (at Bolehill Institute)

Best of 7 Frames - 7.00pm - Normal League Handicaps to apply
Mon May 12 (at Belper Strutt Club)

S Bullock/ M Newby (Strutt 1) v C Stubbs / A Winson (Strutt 2)


MARTIN FORSTER delivered the killer blow for BOLEHILL No 2
BUOYED by their Captains Cup team aggregate competition quarter final win over Bolehill Institute No 1, Matlock Club now tried to oust the same club's No 2 outfit in the semi final stages held this week.
Christmas shootout champion Ian Peacock was in no mood to show any favours though and he took the opening frame 72-33 over Keith Manlove to give the visitors a head start.

Paul Bryan threatened to turn it on its head in the next but Mark Gwynne-Jones took the last three balls to only go down 66-41 and keep his team with their noses in front.

And after Mick Bunting defeated Graeme Wood 65-41 and Martin Forster saw off Mick McFall 67-24 the game was all but safe.

Peacock and Forster took the doubles frame at the end for an overall 312-197 Bolehill win.

Belper Strutt No 1 will be the final opposition after they overcame Matlock Cons 298-265 in the other semi.

Wayne Shooter and Mark Newby each won by wide margins before Chris Parker (35 break) and Charlie Hodgkinson reduced the deficit to 42 points going into the concluding doubles leg.

But Parker and Richard Deakin could only erode the margin by a further 9 points up against the home teams stoic rearguard action.

In the second round robin match in the Jimmy Harper Plate, visitors Belper Strutt No 2 defeated Bolehill No 1 334-280 with Chris Stubbs putting in a starring role with a 97-28 verdict in frame four.

At the time the home side were 43 points to the good after Simon Zoppi had gotten them off to a flyer.
KEITH HUBBOLD took the spoils for BELPER STRUTT No 2 in a high scoring thriller
Also worthy of mentions were Keith Hubbold, who edged a high scoring thriller 81-71 and Dave Needham, whose vital 27 break from last red to pink pulled things back against Ricki Slack, who just prevailed with a long-pot on the final black.

Captains Cup (Team Aggregate) semi finals: Matlock Club 197, Bolehill Inst No 2 312; Belper Strutt No 1 298, Matlock Cons 265.
Jimmy Harper Team Plate (round robin): Bolehill Inst No 1 280, Belper Strutt No 2 334.
"B" (Intermediate) Indiv Handicap semi finals: Duncan Harwood 1, Paul Ogden 2; Steve Bullock 2, Neil Parkinson 0.
Breaks: C Parker 35; D Needham 27; R Slack 23.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


BELPER STRUTT No 2, Bob McCartin Six Red Cup winners 2013/14
L-R: Chris Stubbs, Dave Needham, Adam Winson and fist-pumping Andrew Gratton.
THE BOB McCartin Six Red Cup final took centre-stage this week with Belper Strutt Club No 2 and Matlock Conservative Club competing for the first silverware of the season.
Jack Lynch made a positive start in the opener against Chris Stubbs, but as is often the case in this format of the game, things change in the blink of an eye and a jawed blue gave Stubbs the chance to dish up with blue. pink and black which he took with some aplomb.

Chris Parker took the next on the pink after Dave Needham's attempted safety shot fell just short, but Andrew Gratton, making a rare appearance for Strutt, restored the advantage by taking pink and black against Richard Deakin, who had led throughout until then.

It soon became 3-1 as with the frame scores locked together at 17 apiece, Charlie Hodgkinson's unfortunate in-off allowed Adam Winson to cut the pink along the baulk cushion into the green pocket from the "D".

With the singles legs completed, it was Winson and Stubbs who returned to the table for the scotch doubles and they soon had matters well in hand, with a 45-8 scoreline making the game safe for a memorable triumph.

The Cons gained some compensation later in the week with a 4-1 home win over Bolehill Institute No 2 moving them up to second place in the Highfields Farm Butchers Premier Division.

Richard Deakin won the pivotal third frame on the black whilst Chris Parker and Charlie Hodgkinson took the pairs frame on a re-spotted black after Martin Forster had given the visitors an early advantage.

In the Jimmy Harper Plate, played as a round robin this season, Matlock's Edgefold Club defeated Bolehill No 1 327-277 in the opening match with Martyn Taylor notching a superb 55 break and Ian Birks replying with a solid potting performance for the vanquished.

Bob McCartin Six Red Cup final: Belper Strutt No 2 4, Matlock Cons 1 (at Edgefold, Matlock).
Jimmy Harper Plate (round robin): Edgefold Matlock 327, Bolehill Inst No 1 277.
League (re-arranged): Matlock Cons 4, Bolehill Inst No 2 1.
Denis Morton Trophy (Pairs handicap) quarter finals: Steve Bullock / Mark Newby 2, Neil Parkinson / Robert Muxlow 1; Duncan Harwood / Jason Ankers 1, Chris Parker / Nick Kay 2; Andrew Brough / Simon Zoppi 0, Chris Stubbs / Adam Winson 2; Ricki Slack / Colin Marchington 2, Keith Manlove / Paul Holmes 0.
Breaks: M Taylor 55; R Slack 21; C Stubbs/A Winson (scotch dbls) 20.

Highfields Farm Butchers Premier Division
                                         P      W      L      Pts
Bolehill Institute No 1     14      13       1       47
Matlock Cons                 13        8       5       38
Edgefold Matlock           13        8       5       37
Belper Strutt No 1          13        7       6       37
Bolehill Institute No 2     14        5       9       29
Belper Strutt No 2          13        5       8       28
Matlock Club                  14        1     13       19
Leading breaks: B Monk 53, M Taylor 50.
Leading wins: R Slack 12; M Taylor 10; C Marchington 9.