Saturday, 15 December 2012


DERBYSHIRE Under 21 champion TROY BRETT has been firing in the breaks.
TROY BRETT was in fine form this week with breaks of 58,44,34,27 and 24 in the space of three singles frames and a doubles frame  which were split either side of a 65 in practice!!
After winning his first round match in the Open Individual Handicap on the same evening, Troy took his place alongside the rest of the Gladiators Social Club team for their fixture at Bolehill Institute No 2.

The home side went 1-0 up early doors courtesy of a hard fought win by Martin Forster and this was doubled with a comfortable success from Ian Peacock.

Troy started the fightback though by coming back from the dead against Keith Robertson (who had earlier had a run of 29) to clinch an unlikely victory with the aforementioned half-century break.

And Dwayne Martin maintained his unbeaten run this season to square things up before previous victors Forster and Peacock prevailed in an exciting doubles climax to re-assert superiority for the hosts.

Bolehill's No 1 team also enjoyed a fruitful night, taking the spoils 4-1 at Belper Strutt Club No 2 with Simon Zoppi (27 break) top-scoring after Dave Needham had put the hosts in front early doors.

Belper Strutt Club No 1 maintained their winning form with a narrow 3-2 triumph at Matlock Club with Mark Newby and Mick McFall top scoring for their respective teams.

Jaxx Q Club, also from Belper, edged out Matlock Golf Club 3-2 on their travels with Steve Robinson and Paul Ogden amongst the breaks.

And there was another big points haul for Marehay Miners Welfare as they defeated Matlock's Edgefold Club 4-1 with Ben Monk's 44 top break.

League week 8 results: Bolehill Inst No 2 3, Gladiators SC Matlock 2; Belper Strutt No 2 1, Bolehill Inst No 1 4; Matlock Club 2, Belper Strutt No 1 3; Matlock Golf Club 2, Jaxx Q Club Belper 3; Marehay MW / PJ'z 4, Edgefold Matlock 1.
Breaks: T Brett 58,44,34,27,24; B Monk 44,28,24,22; K Robertson 29; I Peacock 29; S Zoppi 27; P Ogden 26; D Gastrell 24; S Robinson 23,20; I Birks 22.

A Division                        P      W      L      Pts
Marehay MW / PJ'z          8       7       1       31
Bolehill Institute No 1        8       4       4       21
Edgefold Matlock              8       4       4       19
Jaxx Q Club Belper          7       5       2       16
Matlock Golf Club             7       3       4       15
Leading breaks: B Monk 44 & 43, A Gratton 42.
Leading wins: A Gratton, R Slack & B Monk 7.

B Division                        P      W      L      Pts
Belper Strutt No 1             8       5       3       23
Gladiators SC Matlock      6       3       3       18
Belper Strutt No 2             7       3       4       17
Bolehill Institute No 2        8       3       5       17
Matlock Club                     7       0       7         8
Leading breaks: T Brett 58 & 38, D Martin 37.
Leading wins: I Peacock 7, D Martin, C Stubbs, M Newby & W Shooter 5.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


THE latest handicap adjustments are as follows:
Andrew Gratton (Marehay Miners Welfare / PJ'z) goes from -30 to -35
Ricki Slack (Bolehill Institute No 1) goes from -15 to -20
Ian Peacock (Bolehill Institute No 2) goes from Scratch to -5
Andrew Brough (Bolehill Institute No 1) goes from -10 to -5
Mick Bunting (Bolehill Institute No 2) goes from Scratch to +5
Keith Manlove (Matlock Club) goes from +5 to +10

The above players have already reached the trigger percentages for moving up or down a bracket by the half way stage so the new ratings will come into play with immediate effect.

If you wish to print out the full list of up to date handicap ratings, please click on the link on the right hand side of the webpage, thanks.