Thursday, 30 January 2014


THE latest handicap adjustments are as follows:
Martyn Taylor (Edgefold Matlock) goes from -25 to -30
Ian Birks (Bolehill Institute No 1) goes from -10 to -15
Steve Bullock (Belper Strutt No 1) goes from -5 to Scratch
Mark Sayer (Bolehill Institute No 2) goes from +10 to +15
Paul Bryan (Matlock Club) goes from +10 to +15

The above players have reached the trigger percentages for moving up or down a bracket so the new ratings will come into play with immediate effect (for any remaining competitions left to play).

If you wish to print out the full list of up to date handicap ratings, please click on the link on the right hand side of the webpage, thanks.


THE TEAMS just below the play off positions in the Highfields Farm Butchers Premier Division did battle in the latest round of games and Bolehill Institute No 2 shaded their contest with Belper Strutt Club No 2 3-2 on Campbell Street.
Dave Needham put the hosts ahead early doors with a comfortable victory but from thereon, the visitors bossed proceedings with brothers Martin Forster and Ian Peacock earning narrow verdicts to wrestle the advantage.

And it was soon poetry in motion as renowned eclectic entertainer Mark Gwynne-Jones, making only his second appearance on the baize this season, secured the success with a 64-30 win over danger man Chris Stubbs.

Stubbs and Adam Winson took the final frame on the black to keep both teams hovering just outside the top four places.

Earlier in the week, the No 1 teams from the clubs previously mentioned had clashed at the same venue with a similar outcome of 3-2 to Bolehill.

Simon Zoppi, after seemingly fluking the black and apologising to opponent Paul Jarrett, then watched in horror as the cue ball drifted into a baulk pocket, giving the hosts an early lead.

But Colin Marchington, Ricki Slack and Ian Birks made the game safe for the league leaders before Jarrett and Wayne Shooter put in an impressive doubles display to reduce the deficit.

Edgefold Club gained maximum points with a 5-0 win over Matlock Club to move second in the table, with Martyn Taylor and Rob Muxlow winning both frames they contested.

League week 12 results: Belper Strutt No 2 2, Bolehill Inst No 2 3; Belper Strutt No 1 2, Bolehill Inst No 1 3; Edgefold Matlock 5, Matlock Club 0.
Breaks: R Muxlow 26,23; I Peacock 22.

Highfields Farm Butchers Premier Division
                                         P      W      L      Pts
Bolehill Institute No 1     11      10       1       35
Edgefold Matlock           10        7       3       31
Matlock Cons                 10       6        4       29

Belper Strutt No 1          10        5       5       27
Belper Strutt No 2          10        4       6       23
Bolehill Institute No 2     10        3       7       22
Matlock Club                  11        1     10       13
Leading breaks: M Taylor 50, C Parker 45.
Leading wins: R Slack 10; P Jarrett 8; M Taylor, J Lynch & I Birks 7.