Saturday, 15 February 2020


BELPER STRUTT CLUB Bob McCartin Six Red Cup winners 2020
L-R: Paul Jarrett, Mark Newby, Steve Bullock and Wayne Shooter.
Also played en route: Justin Weller and Adam Winson.
LEAGUE LEADERS Belper Strutt Club secured the first silverware of the season courtesy of a hard-fought 4-3 victory over Bolehill Institute No 1 at Alfreton Palmer Morewood Club to lift the Bob McCartin Six Red Cup for the second time in honour of their late former player.
Colin Marchington started the night with other ideas however and, finishing with a sublime clearance of 22, scooted to a 58-16 opening success for the Wirksworth cuemen.
Steve Bullock appeared to have levelled things up in the next when, thanks to some excellent long potting, he led by 15 with only pink and black remaining.
But opposing captain Ricki Slack laid the snooker and after a narrow miss, took pink with the rest and then black into the middle from a narrow-angle to make it 2-0.
Paul Jarrett continued his fine form this season to pull one back however, and Mark Newby soon equalised with a straight pink to decide a tight fourth frame.
The first of the scotch doubles saw Wayne Shooter (partnered by Jarrett) pull out a fine pot on the deciding black to put Strutt in front for the first time but then a similarly well-executed black from Slack made it 3-3 as he partnered Ian Birks to victory.
And in a nerve-jangling decider, Jarrett and Newby gathered their composure to take blue and pink respectively to seal a 31-23 verdict after chances had abounded for both sides.

There was also T & M Motors League action as Matlock Golf Club took the opportunity to catch up on outstanding fixtures, defeating Matlock Club 4-1 and Whitworth Institute 3-2 to move second in the table still with one game in hand.

The win over Matlock Club featured breaks of 20+ in every frame for the golfers with Graham Jones top scoring before Keith Manlove and Paul Bryan took the deciding black in the doubles leg.

Les Mooney and Tony Blant took both singles and doubles legs at Whitworth, for whom Peter Lee and Geoff Brailsford registered.

Bob McCartin Six Red Cup final: Belper Strutt Club 4, Bolehill Institute No 1 3 (at Alfreton Palmer Morewood Club): 16-58(22); 34-38; 41-17; 27-18; 33-29; 28-37; 31-23.
T & M Motors Snooker League: Matlock Golf Club 4, Matlock Club 1; Whitworth Institute 2, Matlock Golf Club 3.
Breaks: G Jones 29; R Slack 27; T Broughton 25; L Mooney 24; I McKay 23; C Marchington 22; T Blant 21,21,20.

T & M Motors Snooker League        P        W        L     Pts 
Belper Strutt Club                               11        9        2      37
Matlock Golf Club                               10        7        3      32
Bolehill Institute No 1                          11        7        4      31
Alfreton Palmer Morewood                 10        6        4      31
Matlock Club                                       11        6        5      28
Crich Comrades No 1                         11        4        7      24
Edgefold Matlock                                 9         5        4      23
Crich Comrades No 2                        11         5        6      23
Bolehill Institute No 2                         11         3        8      20
Whitworth Institute                             11         1      10      16
Leading breaks: B Monk 56; S Dobney 44.
Leading wins: A Lowe & S Bullock 8/11; L Mooney 7/8; P Jarrett 7/9.

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