Friday, 17 January 2020


THE draws for the early rounds of the individual competitions and semi finals of the six red team cup were made recently.

As agreed by the committee, dates will be put on the matches again this season, though you can of course play them in advance of the set date by re-arranging with your opponent (see the contacts sheet, please give at least 48hrs notice and preferably more).
If absolutely necessary, you can re-schedule it within an extra 7 days, failing agreement you can apply to the match secretary for a further 7 days to play it.
If someone doesn't contact the opposition and then fails to show, they are eliminated obviously.
Matches to be played off the latest handicaps on the scheduled date of the ties (if any are delayed and handicaps change subsequently, the original match handicap will stand).
Matches to take place as drawn for the semi finals, and finals will take place at selected neutral venues or if agreed, toss of a coin for venue between captains, all matches best of 5 this season with finals best of 7 (except "B" final which is best of 5).
Note that players switching over from teams in same club are not eligible to play in semi finals or finals.

OMYA CUP (Individual Scratch) Quarter Finals
Best of 5 Frames - No handicaps - 7.30pm
Sun Jan 26: Rob Muxlow (Edgefold) v Sean Dobney (Edgefold)
Mon Jan 27: Ian McKay (Mat Golf Club) v Rob Dicken (Edgefold)
Wed Jan 29: Keith Robertson (Bolehill 2) v Josh Lee (Edgefold)
Tue Feb 11: Ricki Slack (Bolehill 1) v Graham Jones (Mat Golf Club)

Best of 5 Frames - Normal League Handicaps apply - 7.00pm
Tue Jan 28: Graham Jones (Mat Golf Club) v Nick Berry (Crich Coms 1)

Best of 5 Frames - Normal League Handicaps apply - 7.30pm
Tue Jan 28: Paul Trevett (Crich Coms 1) v Ade Smith (Crich Coms 1)
Wed Jan 29: Ady Lowe (Crich Coms 2) v James Travis (Edgefold)
Tue Feb 04: Martyn Caylow (Crich Coms 2) v Josh Lee (Edgefold)
Wed Feb 05: Nick Berry (Crich Coms 1) v Des Smith (Alfreton PM)

Best of 7 Frames - (Four Singles and Three Scotch Doubles Frames) 
Mon Feb 10: Belper Strutt Club v Bolehill Institute No 1 (prov. at Alfreton PM)

T & M MOTORS SNOOKER LEAGUE (Re-scheduled matches)
Mon Feb 10: Edgefold Matlock v Alfreton Palmer Morewood
Mon Feb 10: Matlock Golf Club v Matlock Club

DENIS MORTON CUP (Pairs Handicap) Quarter Finals
Best of 5 Frames - Normal League Handicaps apply - 7.30pm
Sun Feb 09: R Muxlow / J Travis (Edgefold) v B Monk / S Mays (Alfreton PM)
Tue Feb 11: D Smith / T Broughton (Alf PM) v A Smith / N Berry (Crich 1)
Wed Feb 12: A Haggarty / J Smith (Alf PM) v D Shaw / M Caylow (Crich 2)
Thu Feb 20: R Slack / K Robertson (Bhill) v G Jones / I McKay (Mat Golf Club)

Best of 5 Frames - Normal League Handicaps apply - 7.30pm
Mon Feb 17: Josh Lee (Edgefold) v Rob Muxlow (Edgefold)
Tue Feb 18: Ian McKay (Mat Golf Club) v Ady Lowe (Crich Coms 2)
Wed Feb 19: Keith Robertson (Bolehill 2) v John Smith (Alfreton PM)
Wed Feb 26: G Jones or N Berry v Rob Dicken (Edgefold)

CAPTAINS CUP (Team Aggregate) Quarter Finals
5 Frames - Overall Points Aggregate to Count - 7.30pm
Mon Feb 17: Bolehill Institute No 1 v Whitworth Institute or Mat Golf Club
Mon Feb 17: Crich Comrades No 1 v Crich Comrades No 2
Tue Feb 18: Alfreton Palmer Morewood v Edgefold Matlock
Tue Feb 18: Bolehill Institute No 2 v Belper Strutt Club

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