Saturday, 11 August 2012


WITH the Presentation Night on the horizon (see post above), here's a look at the full list of prize-winners from the 2011/12 season:
A Division: PJ'z Ripley No 1 (capt B Monk) 56pts, r-up Bolehill No 1 (capt R Slack) 55pts. A Div Most Wins: A Gratton (PJ'z Ripley No 1) 14, r-up
K Robertson (Bolehill No 2) 13. A Div Highest Break: B Monk (PJ'z Ripley No 1) 100, r-up M Taylor (Edgefold) 71.
B Division: Matlock Golf Club (capt T Ducksbury) 54pts, r-up Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1 (capt P Ogden) 52pts. B Div Most Wins: G Jones (Mat Golf Club) and S Robinson (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1) 12 (tied). B Div Highest Break: W Morley (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1) 44, C Parker (Mat Golf Club) 43.
Jaeger Trophy Champ of Champs Play Off: PJ'z Ripley No 1 (capt B Monk),
r-up, Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1 (capt P Ogden).
Captains Cup (Team knockout): Bolehill Institute No 1 (capt R Slack), r-up Matlock Golf Club (capt T Ducksbury).
J Harper Cup (Team plate): Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1 (capt P Ogden), r-up Bolehill No 2 (capt D Martin).
Bob McCartin Cup (6-red team knockout): PJ'z Ripley No 1 (capt B Monk);
 r-up, Matlock Club (capt K Manlove).
Hartshorne Cup (2-man team): R Slack / C Marchington (Bolehill No 1), r-up
P Ogden / S Robinson (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1).
OMYA Cup (Individual Scratch): B Monk (PJ'z Ripley No 1), r-up G Jones (Mat Golf Club).
Open Individual Handicap: G Jones (Mat Golf Club) owed 25; r-up, R Slack (Bolehill No 1) owed 15.
D Morton Trophy (Pairs Handicap): B Monk / A Gratton (PJ'z Ripley No 1) owed 30, r-up, C Parker / N Kay (Mat Golf Club) owed 15.
B Individual (Handicap): S Robinson (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1) owed 10; r-up, G Jones (Mat Golf Club) owed 25.
Alan Hopkinson Trophy (Christmas 6-red Singles): A Gratton (PJ'z Ripley No 1); r-up, B Monk (PJ'z Ripley No 1).
George Mills Trophy (Christmas 6-red Pairs): B Monk (PJ'z No 1) / S Robinson (Jaxx No 1); r-up, S O'Sullivan / S Hawkins (Bolehill No 2).
Eddie Lomas Trophy (Christmas Speed Snooker): A Gratton (PJ'z Ripley No 1); r-up, S Robinson (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1).

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