Tuesday, 28 February 2012


JUST A reminder if in any doubt to check your handicaps either on the website or against the latest sheet that went around the clubs with the last competition draws (updated in February) as there have been a number of discrepancies lately with players playing off the wrong mark.
Thankfully none of the frames involved have been particularly close so it hasn't affected any results hopefully, but could easily do so if this continues.

There have been at least three cases with people who had been playing off the same mark for half the season suddenly getting an extra 5pts in their favour, and in some cases the following pairs matches were also affected later on in the evening with one or two of the same players taking part.

The February handicap list also shows those players who were liable for change in the near future (depending on how they fared in the short term), any such changes have been posted up on here and also communicated to the respective team captains since then, thanks.

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