Thursday, 16 February 2012


THE draws for the latest round competitions were made recently at the meeting held at Jaxx Q Club, Belper. Balls were pulled out by Alan Hopkinson.
As agreed by the committee, dates are to be put on the matches this season, though you can play them in advance of the set date if it is before the semi final stage which neutral venues come into play.
You must re-arrange with your opponent if a date is not suitable (please give at least 48hrs notice and preferably more) and re-schedule it within 7 days, failing agreement you can apply to the match secretary for a further 7 days to play it.
If someone doesn't contact the opposition and then fails to show, they are expunged obviously.

Best of 3 frames - Normal league handicaps apply - 7.30pm
Mon Feb 27: G Jones (Matlock Golf Club) 2 N Kay (Matlock Golf Club) 0
(at Matlock Golf Club) Refs to be sorted in-house
Wed Feb 29: S Robinson (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1) 2 S Bunting (Bolehill No 3) 0
(at PJ'z Club Ripley) B Monk to arrange refs if poss

It was decided to keep same format as last year - 4 Singles and
1 Traditional Doubles - (ignore any previous info!) - 7.30pm

Overall Points Aggregate to decide the match - all frames played to a finish
A: Mon Feb 27: PJ'z Club Ripley No 1 321 Belper Strutt Club No 1 268
B: Tue Feb 28: Jaxx Q Club Belper No 2 298 Edgefold Club Matlock 220
C: Tue Feb 28: Matlock Golf Club 282 Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1 246
D: Wed Feb 29: Belper Strutt Club No 2 239 Bolehill Institute No 1 268
Quarter final losers will enter the Jimmy Harper Plate Competition (same format).
Semi Finals
Mon Mar 26: Jaxx Q Club Belper No 2 271 Bolehill Institute No 1 337
(at Jaxx Q Club, Belper) P Ogden to arrange refs if poss
Mon Mar 26:  PJ'z Club Ripley No 1 310 Matlock Golf Club 331
(at Bolehill Institute) D Martin to arrange refs if poss

Best of 7 frames - 7.30pm
4 Singles & 3 Scotch Doubles (alternate shots format) using only six reds for each frame
Handicaps are half of normal league handicaps - e.g. For pairs add together normal h'caps and divide by 2, then divide by 2 again for six red h'cap and round up final figure!
Each player is limited to 1 singles match and 2 doubles matches per night, same pairing cannot be used twice on same night.
Tue Mar 06: Matlock Club 1 PJ'z Club Ripley No 1 4
(at Matlock Golf Club) T Ducksbury / C Hodgkinson to arrange refs if poss

Best of 3 frames - Normal league handicaps apply
(add together & divide by 2) - 7.30pm
Mon Mar 05: A Brough / S Zoppi (Bolehill 1) 2 P Ogden / S Robinson (Jaxx Q 1) 1
Tue Mar 06: M Taylor / M Lane (Edgefold) 0 N Kay / C Parker (Mat Golf Club) 2
Thu Mar 08: D Martin/M G-Jones (Bolehill 2) 2 M Travis/T Chambers (Edgefld) 0
Tue Mar 13: K Robertson / S O'Sullivan (B'hill 2) 0 A Gratton / B Monk (PJ'z 1) 2

Best of 5 frames - all off Scratch - 7.30pm
Mon Mar 05: S Bullock (Belper Strutt Club No 1) 0 B Monk (PJ'z Ripley No 1) 3
(at Matlock Club) K Manlove to arrange refs if poss
Thu Mar 08: G Jones (Matlock Golf Club) 3 M Whiteman (PJ'z Ripley No 2) 0
(at Matlock Conservative Club) R Slack to arrange refs

Best of 5 frames - Normal league handicaps apply - 7.30pm
Both players play each other 1 frame at Singles (4 frames in all) plus one frame of Scotch Doubles (alternate shots format) as per the "World Cup".
Wed Mar 21: A Brough/G Shirley (Bolehill 1) 2 P Ogden/S Robinson (Jaxx Q 1) 3
(at Gladiators Social Club, Matlock Town FC) R Slack to arrange refs
Thu Mar 22: R Slack / C March'ton (B'hill 1) 3 K Rob'son / S O'Sullivan (B'hill 2) 1
(at Bolehill Institute) Refs to be sorted in-house

Best of 3 frames - Normal league handicaps apply - 7.30pm
Wed Mar 21: G Jones (Matlock Golf Club) 2 N Parkinson (Edgefold Matlock) 0
Wed Mar 28: N Kay (Matlock Golf Club) 1 M Travis (Edgefold Matlock) 2
Sun Apr 01: K Robertson (Bolehill Inst No 2) 1 J Rowland (PJ'z Ripley No 1) 2
Sun Apr 01: R Slack (Bolehill Inst No 1) 2 A Gratton (PJ'z Ripley No 1) 0

Overall Points Aggregate to decide the match - all frames played to a finish
as per Captains Cup - for 1st and 2nd round losers from that competition

Mon Mar 26: Matlock Club 286 Belper Strutt Club No 1 296
Tue Mar 27: Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1 319 Edgefold Club Matlock 192
Tue Mar 27: Bolehill Institute No 2 300 PJ'z Club Ripley No 2 0
Wed Mar 28: Bolehill Institute No 3 300 Belper Strutt Club No 2 0

All advertised venues for semi finals/finals are provisional at the moment as some need to be confirmed; any changes will be communicated to the players involved.
All clubs will get a fair share of semi final and final dates, any clubs not involved so far (due to logistics) should host at least a couple of matches in the later rounds.

Please feel free to use the online competition results link right here at in top right hand column to submit your scores, alternatively email or ring or text on 07890 985830.

It is especially important that all outstanding match fees due are paid by Friday, February 24th as don't forget there is a new rule approved which means 2pts are deducted with immediate effect from that date and thereafter for every week passed that monies remain overdue.
The committee felt this was unfortunately necessary due to some serious problems last time around.
All captains should now have been contacted with details of how much their teams owe if anything.
The remaining semi final draws will be made at Bolehill Institute at an informal gathering on Sunday April 1st at approximately 9pm. Feel free to come along if you wish!

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