Thursday, 29 December 2011


JUST A reminder that new handicaps will be in force for the resumption of matches in the New Year (indeed they were used firstly for the Shootout Night in the week prior to Christmas).
Each captain should now have a new list at his perusal for their notice board.

Essentially anyone who has won 75% or 30% relating to an eight match period will have gone either up or down a notch (the proviso being that after the half way stage anyone reaching the requisite percentage a match or two early will immediately go on to their new handicap mark, e.g. winning 6 out of 7 as an example).

Also handicaps will remain rolling for the rest of the season for players who reach the requisite percentage at a later date, e.g. winning 9 out of 12 though a players handicap will only change once during the season.

Also the top and bottom end scales of the handicap were agreed prior to the season by the committee as being -35 and +10 which is a slight increase on last season.

Immediate changes now in effect are:
B Monk (PJ'z Ripley No 1) -35
A Gratton (PJ'z Ripley No 1) -25
S Robinson (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1) -10
A Fisher (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1) -5
C Parker (Matlock Golf Club) -20
N Kay (Matlock Golf Club) -5
J Williams (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 2) +10
A Ballard (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 2) +5
K Whiteman (PJ'z Ripley No 2) +5
F McKay (Matlock Golf Club) +5
New registration:
W Morley (Jaxx Q Club Belper No 1) -5

The following players have not yet reached the required win or games played ratio required to immediately invoke any changes but are very close to the threshold so may be due a handicap change very shortly indeed (depending on results in the short term): A Brough, I Birks, R Slack, S Zoppi (Bolehill No 1), I Peacock (Bolehill No 3), G Jones, I McKay (Matlock Golf Club),
R Muxlow (Edgefold), P Holmes, K Manlove, G Wood (Matlock Club), F Doran (Belper Strutt Club No 2).

There are also other players as stated previously whose handicap is currently in the stationary bracket at the half way stage but could change at a later date due to runs of losses or wins. Captains will be informed at the time if a players handicap changes and it will also be published both on here and the stats website at

This system should work better than last year when players were sometimes stuck on an unfavourable mark when they hit a bad patch of form after the half way stage (or vice versa!)

All the best for the New Year and don't forget some matches start on Monday January 2nd and throughout the week for either the Captains Cup team event or Pairs Handicap 1st round matches!

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