Sunday, 2 October 2011


WITH the new Darley Dale and District Snooker League season getting underway this week, best wishes to everyone competing and hope everyone enjoys the formats both old and new.
Of course some players were involved in the OMYA Cup individual qualifying matches last week and it was good to see some different names competing who don't normally enter so hopefully that will have whetted everyones appetite.

Congratulations to Mick Bunting and Alan Kerry in particular who made it through to the 1st round proper.

Just to field a few questions from one party. The OMYA Cup was free entry in effect as it was bracketed in with the Captains Cup fee of £2.50 per player which remained unchanged. The rest of the registration fee was made up of £2 for the league, £2 for the Bob McCartin 6 red Cup and £1 for the website registration which had been free last season as an introductory offer.

Also you could still get the Plate and Play off competitions for nowt too if you happen to qualify for either of those!

The reason for altering individual and pairs events and making them into team competitions as part of the season proper was solely due to the lack of overall entries. Every individual and pairs competition has made a loss for the last few seasons and last year it came to a head with an average of 5.9 entries in each one which is clearly unsustainable.

Hence more money was being paid out than was coming into the coffers as they stood, so if the league is to have a long term future it was necessary to have a re-vamp. Most players seemed to be keen on getting more chances to win things as a team so that is why we have gone in that direction.

As it stood there was only really your own division and the Captains Cup knockout to play for team-wise and   as you can see from the league history, they have often been won by the same teams for a few years at a time.

I think Ben suggested running the 6-red comp as a team event, the Plate idea came about due to some problems that arose in the group stages of the Captains Cup last year and the Play off idea was in line with alot of peoples thinking that as it stood they had no realistic chance in the league. Now you can aim for fourth place and potentially win the Grand Finale, its all on the night!

So hopefully there can be more of a mixed bag of winners amongst the extra events with any luck to help keep everyone happy.

Its unfortunate in some cases as players have mentioned they would like to get the chance to defend their trophies but the same in effect happened last year e.g. I won the Open Handicap the previous year and the competition wasn't played for at all last season due to the overall lack of entries - anyone who did enter got shunted into another event to make the numbers up elsewhere.

The Bob McCartin Cup was earmarked at the original meeting as a six red competition so it was decided to keep that theme (rather than go with the pairs theme) and make it into a team event which would perhaps be more of a fitting tribute to a much admired competitor. In fact originally it had been agreed as a singles event but somehow that got lost in translation!

But if anyone wants to play an active part in discussing the future of the league, you need to come and put your point across at the meetings, as otherwise even if you send a deputy you may not get the full info and by the time you hear anything the horse may already have bolted! I'd especially encourage all captains and players to come to the AGM as that's when most of the big decisions are made that impact on the league's future.

Meanwhile we also agreed a "fun" night of 3-red singles and doubles plus speed snooker just before Christmas - with food provided - which should be fast and furious and these events will be newly named in honour of two of the current members of the committee, Alan Hopkinson and George Mills plus the late Eddie Lomas, one of our former officials. That will be just £5 for the job lot of all three competitions, just turn up on the night of Tuesday 20th December @ 7.30pm, Jaxx Q Club, Belper.

The 07890 985830 number is now the official league phone  so feel free to send any results in any time of the day or night(!), apologies for texting someone at 1am but didnt realise it would make such a loud bleep that it would wake them up apparently! Though around that time I think I was staying up until 4 or 5am sorting everything out so probably didnt realise what time it was myself!!

Also a reminder that league match fees are frozen as per last season at £1 per frame, so the doubles will be 50p each once again.

All the best Rick, hope that explains everything!

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